30 April 2021

Dear Parents,

We wanted to take the opportunity to speak with you directly regarding the recent news surrounding Superland Pre-School @ SingPost. Unfortunately, much of the information that has been circulating is not entirely accurate or was shared without proper context.

We would first like to correct some of the facts. The school’s first diagnosed case of gastroenteritis was 9 April with the last confirmed case reported on 18 April. Beginning on 19 April, there were no further confirmed cases at the school. In total, the school had 9 confirmed cases of gastroenteritis during this period. The other reported absences were attributed to a wide variety of both related and unrelated causes, including an abundance of caution on the part of both parents and the school. Throughout this entire period, the school proactively communicated with families and government agencies to properly handle the situation.

Our aim is to keep all relevant parties in the Superland Pre-School community informed with timely and accurate information that is also honest and transparent. In addition to open communication with our parents, teachers and staff, we were also in constant contact with relevant government agencies such as ECDA and MOH to ensure proper compliance.

The guiding principle in all that we do is the wellbeing of the children and families that we serve. We are proud of how this situation was handled by our teachers and staff. Although we constantly strive to improve, we have confidence that the policies and practices that we have in place worked as intended and kept the situation contained. We heard from many of the parents directly involved that they were pleased with how this was handled and appreciated our coordinated response.

We welcome any questions that you may have regarding this situation specifically or more general protocols that our schools follow to keep your children safe and healthy throughout the year. We appreciate your understanding and support. As always, we thank you for entrusting us with the care and education of your children.

Best Regards,
Management Team (HQ)
Superland Pre-school

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